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Pastor David will be sending out a daily Devotional  at 12noon Monday-Friday as a mid-day pick me up during social distancing. The devotional can be received as a text or automated call. If you would like to receive Grandview's Daily Devotional send us a shout out!


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Grandview will be offering an online Bible study weekly during social distancing and stay at home order. This week the Bible Study is:

BIBLE TRIVIA: on the Gospel of Matthew

The Bible Study Schedule for this week is:


March 24-26 @ 7:00 p.m.

Live on the church Facebook

How it works: Read through the Gospel of Matthew and join us for a an interactive Bible Trivia challenge.

Bible Study will be Live on Facebook. We encourage you to share discoveries/thoughts & photos/memes in the video post comments along with your trivia answers. Find our Facebook Page easily by clicking on the link below:


Check back for more online study options, or check out our events page on Facebook