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Worship Music-


10:30am via Zoom and Church Phoneline

Today we are blessed with the musical talents of

Organist/Pianist: Betty Siegfried

Music in today's service is in the Public Domain or 
used with Permission through our

CCLI Copyright License Number #2986717 
and Streaming License Number #CSPL179181.



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Preparation for Worship-
“For thousands of years, Cuyahoga Valley the space where we

prayerfully gather today was under the care of the Adena and

Hopewell Mound Builders followed later by the Wyandot, Huron,

Shawnee, Miami, Ottowa and Delaware tribes.

Their presence in this region is remembered and woven into

the history of our community. On this Native American Ministries

Sunday and every day, we are encouraged to be mindful of

healing past harms while moving forward with awareness and respect,

celebrating and embracing the contributions of First Americans."




Pastoral Greetings-


Affirmation of Faith- in Unison

Prayer to the Holy Spirit UMH 329

O Great Spirit,
   whose breath give life to the world,
   and whose voice is heard in the soft breeze:
We need your strength and wisdom.
Cause us to walk in beauty. Give us eyes
   ever to behold the red and purple sunset.
Make us wise so we may understand
   what you have taught us.

Help us learn the lessons you have hidden
   in every leaf and rock.
Make us always ready to come to you
   with clean hands and steady eyes,
so when life fades, like the fading sunset,
   our spirits may come to you without shame.

Children's Chat

Faith Quilt

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Psalm 8: 4-5

4 what is man that thou art mindful of him,
   and the son of man that thou dost care for him?

5 Yet thou hast made him little less than God,
   and dost crown him with glory and honor.


NAMS Podcast with Dr. Robin Minthorn

Praises and Prayers-

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Sunday Legacy Service

SNative American Ministries Sunday




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