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A History of Growth

Our Story

The history of Grandview United Methodist Church can be summed up with one word, growth. The growth and development of the building from the ground up, the growth and development of families, generations, and community, and the growth of disciples and diversity.

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Grandview's Beginning

Grandview UMC has been at the corner of

23rd and Phelps Ave. for 70 years.

The first service was July 25th, 1948

in a tent on the front lawn.

Services where then moved inside a

renovated Army Barracks later that Fall.                                                                                


   Ground breaking for the present building

was OCT 17th, 1948. The first service in the

 new building was the First Sunday of OCT
1949 with its
dedication on DEC 4th of that

year. Grandview Church is the outgrowth of

the merger in1946 between the Evangelical 

Church and the United Brethren in Christ

Church. With this merger there were, on Akron’s

North Hill, two Evangelical United Brethren

 churches within a few blocks of each other.

Thirty-nine men, women and children of the former

United Brethren Church, located at the corner of Dayton

Street and Tallmadge Avenue, voted to come to this site to start

a new mission in the midst of a large housing project known as Buena Vista Allotment.

As the congregation grew, it was decided that a new Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall were needed, which were dedicated in September 1967. With the merger of the E.U.B. Church and the Methodist Church in 1968 we became Grandview United Methodist Church.

Grandview's 15 Minutes of Fame

Grandview had the honor of being a location for the

film 25 Hill starring Corbin Bernson and Nathan

Gamble.  The film is about a boy’s hope of

keeping the Soap Box Derby Race alive in

Akron, OH.  The movie was released directly

to DVD in 2011.  The DVD can still be

purchased from the 25 Hill website, just

click on storeThe crew spent a lovely

April day filming at the church in 2010.

 Many people from the community as well

as some church members were on hand to

serve as extras.  The following YouTube video

was shot by one of the extras.  It is a bit grainy

but it gives you nice behind the scenes look at

filming the movie as well as a tour of the church.

Grandview Today

Today we are a multi-ethnic and multi-generational faith community featuring American and Nepali-speaking Bhutanese cultures. Our mission is to experience the Blessings of Grandview:

Grace-Growth-Gratitude. We invite you to experience them with us.

Does your future become part of our history?

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